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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Post Sluice

 Had a great time and meet some interesting people. But its on wards and up wards. My (our) next event is with the Fabelists Its on the 29th October @ Rivington Place. Each artist is going to create a Art work that is then going to be bound together... Its very exciting a very different to my usual practice.
 I have been taking photos of this work decaying in our garden, but, the camera is playing up and I forgot to up load these images.
 I moved the panel away from the garage door and now its at the bottom of the garden in full view of our neighbour's. we also have the pleasure of this from our dinning room!!!
 The face of the cat is much more obvious and now needs more detail. I have been doing this as well as reconfiguring the body, which I'm really pleased with.
 I have reduced the boob's and added a smaller figure climbing out of its Bottom.
 I still need to add more balck around the eye's but its quite tricky!!
 The Mouth was actually falling off and I have fixed it. I also feel that the tongue looks more like it is coming out of the mouth. I was thinking about doing a mouth with teeth. But have decided that this one does not really need the mouth. Still might change my mind ???
 Dan from my local shop gave me a poster of Charles Dickens heros and villans. I'm thinking that I would like to make some sculptures of them.
This is todays picture and the camera really is not happy but I quite like this blue tint It reminds me of Derek Jarmans blue series.

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