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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

4th October

 Well its been a few days since, I took a photo. Its been beautiful weather, Especially for October, But a change in the air. I had a difficult day on Friday and quite upset as someone behaved quite bad. I then went to Euston and waited for a train to go to Rugby and spend time at Nan's and to go to the Rugby Library with Fran from the Fabelists. Woke up Sat, was sick and had a migraine spent the rest of the day sleeping and throwing up, Nan was quite shocked and thought their might be something else wrong. Felt better on Sunday and we went to the boat man for Lunch, where Mum and Dave joined us.
Dave and I came home Sunday Evening.
 Mon Jon's Birthday and he's been in a good mood. I went to work and we sorted some things out and all is well. I need to get a balance between work and Art. Fran asked for a pic of the work that appears on the fabelist site.So I sent the one below but need to post on their blog. I also need to get this work ready for the 15th October so have been working on it tonight.

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