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Monday, 20 February 2012

Sew amazing

 Been in the gallery today sewing like a bitch... Finding time to do work these days feels precious and I feel a panic inside to get as much done as possible?
 I'm metting Jan Savage on Friday so have done a few eyes for the new works I working on and the photo shoot planned with Jans own images?
 I'm also working on a new piece at home, Will swap the cat once Jonathan Hillson has made the video using this work....

Noel Basualdo & Joshua Raffell

This is the first sketch of a painting by Noel very excited about this work and really like her paintings. Been wanting to work with her for a couple of years now....

New work Feb 2012

 I dont really want to say to much. I have been thinking about this idea for a while and finally feel the format is ready to go...

Been working with Dave on the Punch and Judy Pop Up Book Still a lot of work to do but some interesting dis

 I have also beeb working on a piece for 'Paper Tiger' but not sure yet I kinda want it to look like a solid piece rather than a teddy bear but t has to be soft for transporting around?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tiger Paper

Well its been a while and logging in is a pain in the arse especially when your dyslexic...

I have just started doing a collaboration with ( ) Paper Tiger, Which I'm very excited about. I have also been working on a collaboration with Bunny De Sade and David Smithers. So really busy at the moment no time to sit hear chatting..

 This is the first attempt soft in the middle, I knew that this was not going any where..

 So I have put the first face on 2x2 and much happier...