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Monday, 19 December 2011

Joe Haskins & Joshua Raffell

 Joe and I have been talking via email and planning to meet up on Wed I love the element of 3D and the eye is so intense. cannot wait to see it grow.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Jan Savage & Joshua Raffell

 The link for the Schneider project is . If you click on the photograph for 16 Walden Street on this page, it leads to a slide show of about 50 photographs of no 16 (and ditto for no 14).

I think somewhere I have a series of photographs - ones from the book (similar to those on the website I think) and ones I took in the house of the same, but changed spaces.

Janet Brooks & Joshua Raffell

Ur good though pushing on -i totally get what ur saying though-and ur extremely patience and helpful my dear-my problem though is not to be too literate - and I must try to be clever in my execution. 

I really like ur little stitch willies-perhaps I could get one to attach to my canvas on the horse??? I dunno?? The painting excites me of what it could end up looking like.

The story so far in next mail-ive never used black as a background-black paint scares me- so you see you have me working differently which is a good thing- I am also thinking about painting the puppet figure in a watery effect where the paint drips-to depict the threads that you often leave as a finishing point ?? 

 Anyways-yep ur puppet will be in colour- it will be the brightest figure on the canvas-gold paint and all for the eyebrows too-ha 

Monday, 12 December 2011

'Wish you would stay' in a girlie voice...

 'Poor tree' in its final stages along side the last images of the panel in the garden as my partner decided to smash it up and bin it...

Janet Brooks sent me a sketch of a painting 'wish you would stay' in a girlie voice. The figure on the horse is a puppet I made for fixation 2  

Final weeks at studio1.1

 Billy Bong hanging in the gallery...

 Poor tree For the fabelists have been working on this for last three weeks for a collaboration "book binding'

 Janet Brooks popped in and we chatted about a collaboration using a puppet from Fixation 1 and Janet's painting skills

 Working at the gallery 28th and 29th November 2011

 Met Tony Bears, Hopefully going to see some of his work with the idea of a collaboration??

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Meeting up with Bunny

Been taking photo's of different aspects of my walks to work...
 went for a meeting with Bunny De Sade We Went to the Grayson Perry Exhibition at the British Museum Great show and really interesting work. The Bike is amazing...
 We plan to use the poster of Punch and Judy and add my puppets to the image etc....

WE both like the idea of Punch and Judy representing a very British concept of a british Holiday with groups of children watching a wife being beaten by her husband, The irony of acceptance and satyr that these images evoke.
This is amazing image is the poster for the show 'Wish you were here', It still needs a few add on's and colour added. But think it looks great.Thanks to Bunny for this X