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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Janet Brooks & Joshua Raffell

Ur good though pushing on -i totally get what ur saying though-and ur extremely patience and helpful my dear-my problem though is not to be too literate - and I must try to be clever in my execution. 

I really like ur little stitch willies-perhaps I could get one to attach to my canvas on the horse??? I dunno?? The painting excites me of what it could end up looking like.

The story so far in next mail-ive never used black as a background-black paint scares me- so you see you have me working differently which is a good thing- I am also thinking about painting the puppet figure in a watery effect where the paint drips-to depict the threads that you often leave as a finishing point ?? 

 Anyways-yep ur puppet will be in colour- it will be the brightest figure on the canvas-gold paint and all for the eyebrows too-ha 

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