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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Press Release

Joshua Raffell

Supernormal 2011

Joshua Raffell is studio1.1 London’s artist in residence 2011 and will be at SUPERNORMAL to present new work made on site. Joshua’s work crosses and re-crosses boundaries of public and private, and forms a perfect counterpart to studio1.1 and SUPERNORMAL’s position in/outside the shifting art world/market where what is a dissenting voice one minute becomes a designated cutting-edge must-have commodity the next. This can be an uncomfortable place and Josh recognises that we must all bear responsibility for wherever we situate ourselves along the spectrum of comfort and outrage. That his work, beautifully crafted and defiantly object- and outrage-based, can simultaneously offend and delight the same sensibility at the same time seems to us a perfect choice for SUPERNORMAL.

Making work that is interactive. With masturbating erotic automata the sculptures that are put together using bits of wood string and wire. Using fabrics, patchwork, stitch and appliqué. These elaborate colorful armatures draw the audience into a world of fun, naughtiness and erotica. Making the private public. These seemingly innocent patchworks become scenes of grotesque and unashamed self- absorbed pleasure. There are no real narratives in these works…

Joshua Raffell’s work refuses to be pigeon holed, the work crosses over genres from performance photography sculpture textiles and kinetic art. Creating a cornucopia of exciting images. But this is taken on a step further as you are invited to send photos and comments about the work directly to the artist. Which will be posted on and may be used in the solo show at the end of the residence. In doing so you are giving your consent for the artist to use the images and text within his own work.

Please send photos and comments to:

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