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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

"SUPERNORMAL' as aterm coined ny Norman Glaister, founder of Braziers School of Integrative social research, meaning those enlightened humans who had reached near perfection (Chreist and Winston Churchill were top of his list). Then it was picked up by swiss and uk artist taking part in Braziers International Artits' workshop as an ambiguous curiosity, definng what exactly? We take it further in a spirit of generous anarchy to include everyone - you - the clown, the stars, the divine fools who make up this world - opposing injustice and inequality in a society which outside these fields and this island in time so often to opose us.

To re-instate Auden's original words to 'September 1, 1939'

'In this low dishonest decade... . We must love each other or die'

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