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Friday, 12 August 2011


57a Redchurch St. London E2 7DJ

studio1-1. <>

Press release

Joshua Raffell

Artist in Residence 2011

Performance designer of erotic automata 3rd Feb 7pm

The artists that inspire Joshua Raffell are Paul McCarthy, Georges Bataille, Vito Acconci, Nathalie Djurberg, Delaine Le Bas, Annette Messager, Key Hiraga and Francis Alys.

“I set off sparks, images, even allegories, but I try – to the greatest possible extent – to leave the narrative, or interpretation, if you like, open.” Francis Alys, ‘A STORY OF DECEPTION’ Tate publishing, London 2010

As A.I.R Joshua Raffell intends to make a new piece of work every month using existing ideas and working in the gallery space to try out and push the work forward. His work is constantly being changed breaking up previous works that are then interwoven to create fresh and evocative sculptures, performances etc…

Joshua Raffell will be making work centered on its display via a bike and trailer. In doing so taking the work out to the public. Making work that is interactive with masturbating erotic automata - sculptures that are crudely put together using bits of wood string and wire. Through the use of fabrics, patchwork, stitch and appliqué, these elaborate colorful armatures draw the audience into a world of fun, naughtiness and erotica. Making the private public. These seemingly innocent patchworks become scenes of grotesque and unashamed self-absorbed pleasure. There are no real narratives in these works – it’s up to you to take from the experience what you like.

Joshua Raffell’s work refuses to be pigeon holed, the work crosses over genres from performance, photography, sculpture, textiles and kinetic art. Creating a cornucopia of exciting images. But this is taken on a step further as you are invited to send photos and comments about the work directly to the artist. Which will be posted on his website and may be used in the solo show at the end of the residence. In doing so you are giving your consent for the artist to use the images and text within his own work.

Please send photos and comments to:

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