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Monday, 12 March 2012

Naughty 100% Genuinie

 I have taken photos of toilet graffiti and started to build them into art on canvas they are mixed madia
 The top sketch I did over a year ago and I always felt that more could be done. Not sure what I then added fabric and the words Large Meat Machine from a Pizza order.
 I have recently decided to start painting over the work, I am inspired by Key Hiraga and Hundertwasser but quiclky realised that wanted to paint my own puppets in the work.
 Painting while making '2012' has helped with my hands hurting from the prick of a needle.
 I'm really enjoying the process of painting and sitting back from it thinking yeah I should add....
 Its a work in progress...
 with a long way to go!
 March 14th worked on the cat today...
March 15th 

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