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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Really busy in gallery (studio1.1) this week being London Design week and london Fashion week.
Gave out loads of cards and met a lot of interesting people like Gayathri llangairatnam. Who back ground is in Mechanical Engineering, also some one who will be interested in a collaboration in the future.

 But one of the most exciting things for me has to be the present show on @ studio1.1. 'Rear View Mirror' on till October 4th. Dave and I went to the private view and I was instantly drawn the show is about a mural on cable st and the riots that took place there 75 years ago. But its also about the trials and tribulations of a art work that completely changed from its original design that was targeted by vandals and struggled to be completed due to funding cuts....
 I was looking forward to spending some more time in the gallery and looking/reading about the work. I had started a new piece of work for a art exhibition called 'Sluice Art Fair' where studio1.1 will be having a stall and showing three Artists that include myself.
I was inspired by the horse sketches and decided that was indeed where the main insperation was going to come from. I am also in the process of working on a written piece for the fabelists to accompany this work.

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